Frequently Asked Questions

Do I own my designs?

Yes.Every design completed will be given to you for full use in PNG & JPG format. I will keep your editable file for one year.

What are your business hours?

M-Th | 12PM - 5 PM CST F | 12PM - 3PM CST Any inquiries outside of these hours will have a delay until the net business day. Our number is 614.448.4994 and is text activated.

What is your payment policy?

All orders under $600 dollars require payment up front, paid in full. If the order is over $600 dollars, 75% of the final price must be paid upfront. All orders are NONREFUNDABLE once the project has started. If the project has not been started you may receive a full refund if ask.

What is your communication policy?

Delays that happen on the buyers end does not constitute for a refund/credit. Orders may not be rainchecked under any circumstances. I prefer to communicate through email and text. Under no circumstances will changes to orders be made via a voice call.

What is needed to start my project?

Once your order is started, I will contact you. Once the order has been started there will be absolutely no refunds. Larger projects may take up to 6 weeks. Please note, all orders are automatically marked fulfilled after 12 weeks for smaller orders and twelve weeks for larger orders. If your order is marked complete, you must pay for a continuance if the time allotted has passed.

What if I buy the wrong thing?

If you accidentally ordered the wrong thing, you may receive a full refund if the project has not been started. Please text or email us with the order number in the subject.

I just received my final proof. Something is misspelled, can you fix that?

If you submit misspelled information and it is not caught in the revision process, you must pay for any additional revisions. I am not liable for misspelled information. If the misspelled information is at fault of Queen Theory, we will without a doubt fix it for you for free.

I'm not sure if you offer something. Can you help me?

Feel free to text us or e-mail us.




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